Term of use

General terms for using the WeSMART Plus application
Liability for general information and product information
We strive to provide updated and accurate information to users. However, we do not assume any liability for the completeness, reality and accuracy of the information. Liability for direct or tangible direct or indirect damage is excluded. The use of information is made at the user's risk, unless inaccurate information is intentionally recorded or due to serious negligence.

Intellectual property rights
All images and information of this application, which are likely to be reproduced, are protected by copyright law or by other industrial property rights. All product names, written in capital letters or marked by any other way in these applications, are trademarks of WeSMART. Commercial use and copying of this information is not allowed without WeSMART's prior written approval.

Terms of use of the WeSMART Plus application
The following terms of use will apply to users who log in to the application:

1. Scope
The following Terms of Use shall apply to the use of the WeSMART Plus application for users (hereinafter referred to as "WeSMART Plus") by WeSMART Trading & Services JSC (hereinafter referred to as "WeSMART" ):

By accepting the Terms of Use when registering for the first time on WeSMART Plus, the user agrees that a user agreement has been established with WeSMART and accepting the following Terms of Use for the use of WeSMART Plus . User terms that differ from or conflict with these General Terms of Use will not apply.

WeSMART's current authorized representative and contact details are listed in the information section of WeSMART Plus.

2. The essential features of WeSMART Plus
WeSMART provides smart home control application provided by us.

The essential features of WeSMART Plus

1. WeSMART Plus allows control of smart home devices.

2. WeSMART Plus allows users to send feedback about applications and after-sales services.

3. The use is free. WeSMART reserves the right to place ads, including banner ads, on the WeSMART Plus application.

3. Establishing contracts and services
3.1 Establishment of contract
The contract for using the WeSMART Plus application is established through writing in writing with WeSMART and accepting the quoted Terms of Use and the data protection provisions.

3.2 Identify, register and use the WeSMART Plus application
To use the services provided, users are required to register in advance at WeSMART Plus and accept the Terms of Use, as well as create a personal password.

In addition, the user must make sure that his or her information entered in the user profile, namely full name, phone number or email address, is accurate and true.

The right to use the service on WeSMART Plus will automatically terminate in case of a violation of the Terms of Use, or in the event that WeSMART revokes access at its sole discretion. The recall may be made without giving a reason.

3.3 Using data access, access to WeSMART Plus
Data access is solely for the personal use of the user. Users may not forward data, especially their passwords, to third parties, including family members or colleagues. Users are obliged to keep access data, especially passwords confidential, and prevent unauthorized use of WeSMART Plus by third parties. Users are obliged to immediately notify WeSMART if they detect or suspect unauthorized use of information or misuse of access data. In case of unauthorized use or suspected abuse, WeSMART reserves the right to immediately block access to WeSMART Plus. Users are responsible for any consequences of unauthorized use of third parties, including the misuse of data access. Users are solely responsible for unauthorized use even in the case of negligence to occur access abuse to their account. The responsibility of the user will only end when we notify WeSMART in writing (See contact information for contact details) about unauthorized use and have changed their password if necessary.

3.4 Termination and revocation of access authorization
WeSMART reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block a user's access data without notifying the reason, in case of violation of these Terms of Use, in particular providing false personal information. unauthorized use, or forwarding of access data, especially passwords and / or unauthorized use of WeSMART Plus, and / or WeSMART reserves the right to terminate the user's right to use immediately or for a definite term. prior notice and contract termination without prior notice.

4. WeSMART Plus access data security regulations
Access data is used solely for personal use, and users need to keep it completely confidential

5. Copyrights and trade marks
The design of WeSMART Plus as well as the content of words, images, graphics, layouts, audio, animations, videos and databases contained therein are protected by their respective copyrights and regulations. Other laws on the protection of intellectual property rights. All are copyright of WeSMART unless otherwise stated by WeSMART.

Our provision of the WeSMART Plus application to users is not to be construed as express or implied to grant or grant any copyright including but not limited to copyrights, patents, and trademarks. , trademarks or other protected rights of WeSMART or third parties.

6. Backup
It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that regular retention of data and related information is with him / her to avoid loss, damage, damage and alteration, in accordance with the importance of the data and technical conditions.

7. Privacy clause
The User guarantees that all confidential information received from the parties under this Agreement or in connection with this Agreement is strictly confidential. This will not apply to information that was made publicly available in a legal manner or permitted to be disclosed in accordance with the other party's written consent.

8. Data protection; storage
WeSMART stores these Terms of Use as well as personal information, user profiles for the purpose of assigning the right to contact users to appropriate audiences within the company and to provide specific orientation information in groups target. Other information about the processing of user data is covered in our Privacy Policy.

9. Liability
WeSMART strives to keep WeSMART Plus uninterrupted and connection free of technical errors. However, this may not be guaranteed depending on the conditions of the Internet connection. User access may sometimes be interrupted or restricted for the purpose of repairing, maintaining or providing additional new services. WeSMART attempts to limit the frequency and duration of each such interruption or restriction.

WeSMART's liability for all damages arising from the use of WeSMART Plus under this agreement or any other legal grounds, in particular but not limited to,
- About the accuracy, clarity, completeness and reality of the content of the WeSMART Plus application
- Regarding the data usage available in WeSMART Plus

This limitation of liability applies to, but is not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages, such as lost benefits or advantages, including either due to data loss or other interruptions that occur during the use of access services at WeSMART Plus, due to temporary or interrupted access to WeSMART Plus.

The above liability limits do not apply in the case of intentional or intentional negligence, including intentional faults of a representative of WeSMART or an authorized agent or in the case of We violate the contractual obligations. Insofar as WeSMART is liable for a breach of the contractual obligations, the liability for damages is limited to the anticipated, often occurring, damages.

10. Modifications related to Terms of Use
WeSMART reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time and without any reason. Amendments will be notified to users at WeSMART Plus. User must agree to the amendments to the Terms of Use. If the user disagrees with the amendments, each party has the right to terminate the relevant agreement with immediate effect.

However, modifications to the Terms of Use will not be made if the content and scope of the voluntary service provided by WeSMART is limited to the user, which is detrimental to the user. relevant, and not included in the new obligations for users not included in the original Terms of Use.

11. Detailed contact information
WeSMART Trade and Service Development JSC
141D4, Dai Kim New Urban Area
Dai Kim - Hoang Mai - Hanoi
Hotline: 0816 333 868
Email: [email protected]

12. The final terms
Any provision, covenant or provision of this Agreement that becomes void or unenforceable in whole or in part for any reason, shall be deemed to be superseded by any provision, agreement The validity reflects closest to the original provision. Such invalid or unenforceable provision, agreement does not affect the validity of this Agreement.


Công nghệ 4.0 đang ngày càng phát triển mạnh mẽ với nhiều nghiên cứu ứng dụng hữu ích trong thực tiễn cuộc sống của con người, đặc biệt trong lĩnh vực Smarthome. WESMART liên tục mở rộng hệ thống đại lý của mình trên toàn quốc nhằm giúp khách hàng dễ  dàng tiếp cận với công nghệ và trang bị hệ thống thông minh cho ngôi nhà của mình.


Đ/c: P316, tầng 3 tòa tháp Tây, Chung cư học viện Quốc Phòng, P.Xuân La, Q.Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
Hotline: 0816 333 868

WESMART Trường Thịnh - Hồ Chí Minh
Đ/c: Số 580 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 11, Quận 10, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
Hotline: 0816 333 868

Đ/c: A16-04 Khu Đô Thị MONBAY Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh


WESMART Gia Thịnh - Hải Dương
Đ/c: KĐT Vincom, Tx. Chí Linh, tỉnh Hải Dương


WESMART Huyền Vũ - Hoà Bình
Đ/c: số 458 đường Trần Hưng Đạo, Tp. Hoà Bình


WESMART Thế Nguyễn Smarthome - Hà Tĩnh

Đ/c: Khối Phúc Xuân - Thị Trấn Nghèn - Can Lộc - Hà tĩnh


WESMART ENZO Biên Hòa - Đồng Nai
Đ/c: Số 2 Trương Định, Khu Phố 2, P.Tân Mai, TP.Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai


Đ/c: Liền kề TT3.04, Khu đô thị mới Kim Văn - Kim Lũ, Phường Đại Kim, Quận Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội, Vietnam


Đ/c: Căn A4-03, khu đô thị Monbay, phường Hồng Hải, Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh.



Cty CP công nghệ và thiết bị xây dựng Xuân Phát
Đ/c: Số nhà 88 - đường Đỗ Toại - Thị trấn An Bài - Quỳnh Phụ - Thái Bình.



Đại lý Lâm Nguyễn
Đ/c: Đường 3/2, Khu 8, Thị Trấn Diêm Điền, Thái Thuỵ, Thái Bình.


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